Desire - Insanity

Hey l'm Nella (16) .This is me . . .

this blog represents me. Its who l am, or who i would like to be. Its about the moments l had, or wish i have. its about the emotions i feel, or hope to feel.Its about my hopes and my stories.You can never get bored with me. My theme songs like you can hear says it all.I believe that nothing has value, we are the ones that give value to everything, anything and nothing. i believe that angels are crying and demons are laughing, l believe that nothing is in our hand,its all about the fate.Many say that we take the love we deserve, well l disagree, many people haven’t yet understood their value, and are afraid to take a chance and try to take what they really want and deserve because of this society. No l’m not a weirdo, its just that people have set a certain profile about how people should be normal…well i am not weird i am just everything you are not used too yet , l’m not stupid but yes l do have a high EQ (not talking about IQ ).Yes l am emotional person that gives everything i have and don’t have, yes l’m a bit of everything bus no i never give up on the things i really want or care. YES l am what l am and its just the way it is,l’m not a copy of anything,and no i’m not searching for who l am, i know what i want/who l am…l am just trying to find someone that wants me as I am…i just try to make others happy the way i hope the would make me to. If i wont give up on anything you wont ,too!

xoxo nella

ohhh lalalalalala im glad i said that. So lose your desires here with me, because theres no limit to insanity!! xoxox nella ^_^


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